Great! You can download your free copy of The You Code by clicking here. What follows is information on my Custom Mentorship…

My purpose in life is to help you to see your purpose in life, and to mentor you to integrating it into your life, even how to create the financial freedom you need to live that life, if required. Relationships, whatever it is we need to fix in your world, it all comes back to purpose and understanding the ancient force that’s driving each of us in different ways (more on this in The You Code).

And don’t worry about lack of self-confidence holding you back…

Self-confidence comes from self-awareness coupled with an appreciation of the fact that you are here for a reason. That reason has been waiting for you to recognize it since birth, like an oyster in a shell. It’s time to prize open that shell… together.

Self-awareness has become a popular buzzword, and this is great progress for humanity, but to have awareness of Self, you need to know exactly what “Self” looks like (and it’s not what you think!). Trying to attain self-awareness without knowing what Self looks like is like trying to hit an invisible target!

When you have self-awareness, your purpose in life is clear to see.

And it won’t take long to give you this gift. It’s not a “process;” the initial results are instant, and then it’s just a question of you and I working together for a while, to keep you on the righteous path of your destiny. Then, when we can see you’re ready, the training wheels will come off, and my work will be done…

My brand is quality, speed, and simplicity.

I aim to overdeliver as well as “fly higher;” to rise above all the noise, hype, misinformation, and general silliness because there is no subject more serious to the individual than discovering their true purpose in life.

I consider myself more than a mere coach to you. You see, I won’t just be standing at the sidelines cheering you on, I will be more like a mentor to you. I can say this because my fortunate life-experiences put me in the unique position of offering my services as a mentor…

What you get:

1) One-on-one video session with me each month…
Once a month, simply email me to set up a Skype call, if you wish. Our first one will be the most important one and this one is mandatory. After that it’s up to you, but I will want to see you’re staying on track!

2) My personal and private email address…
Yes, it’s yours. Email me any time about absolutely anything going on in your life. I’m your mentor, and I’m here for you.

3) Weekly Zoom call in…
Once a week, everyone who is currently being mentored by me will be invited to this one-way call. You can submit questions in advance, and I tailor the content each week to the most common ones as well as emerging themes I see.

4) Personalized objective plan…
After our initial call, based on the definitive answer on who you are and why you’re here (you will know this after our first call), we will create a personalized objective plan to keep you on track. Our progress checks will keep you loyal to this plan, and we will also have the opportunity to adapt the plan as we go.

5) Monthly Success Package…
Each month you will also receive a special resources package that is partly custom designed specially for you. Remember, I don’t do cookie-cutters!

6) Special monthly critical insights letter…
If you’re under my wing you deserve as much protection as I can give you. I’m also the creator of multiple financial newsletters and have invented investment systems that are proven for 40 years. So, I’m going to be quietly watching out for you and making sure you aren’t blindsided by anything in the economy and markets, as well as show you the opportunities that exist or are coming as a result.

7) Referral program…
You are automatically enrolled into the Custom Mentorship referral program, meaning your own mentorship could be free and then some. For every person you refer to the program, you will get 25% of the amount paid. So, once you’ve recommended four friends, you’re in for free. Refer more than four people, and you have a nice little business going as well as helping me spread my message.

8) 10% off live events…
You will be invited to a selection of live events as they become available. Places are limited, but you will be guaranteed a place and given a 10% discount (value at least $200). No limit to the times you use this discount.

What it costs:

I believe that we get what we pay for in life, and there is no greater personal mission in life than to discover, embrace, and integrate our purpose in this life.

So, I deliver what’s required to get such a noble task done, and it costs what it costs.

Don’t cheap out on the most important goal of your entire life!

You might say that you’re in a BMW showroom now, not a used car lot. What you’re receiving from me is cutting-edge, revolutionary and totally custom mentoring. Not the tired old generic coaching and self-help stuff that really doesn’t work that well.

That’s a false economy.

Having said that, my own purpose in life also compels me to make this life-changing experience as accessible as possible. So, now you’ve seen what’s included I hope you’ll agree this is exceptional value…

My Custom Mentorship is just $167 a month ($5.49 a day), and you can cancel the subscription at any time.

The average therapy session costs this for a single hour, and you get little out of it…!


$1497 a year (best value- save $507).

Seriously. That’s just over $4 a day. The average American spends more than that poisoning their body with fast food. It doesn’t even buy a decent coffee these days.

Your life’s destiny is your sacred right, and you deserve this and more.

I can’t guarantee the price will stay this low, but you will be locked in at this price if you reserve your spot today.


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IMPORTANT: If there are no places available at this time your card will NOT be charged. Instead, you will be notified that you are on the waiting list.

If successful in getting a place, your card will be charged and you will receive your welcome instructions pack.

If you have any questions about the Custom Mentorship, please call me on my personal number 321 320 2451 in normal working hours (EST). If the line is busy, leave a message and I’ll call you back as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for respecting my private phone line.

Click here to download your free copy of The You Code (also included with all Custom Mentorship packages).