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James Sheridan, bestselling author and creator of long-proven trading systems.

Hello and thanks for visiting.

I’m a 23-year trading veteran and inventor of proprietary and proven trading systems; not saying that to impress you, but rather impress upon you that, unlike a lot of the nonsense you’ll read out there, I’ve paid my dues and learned the hard way the trading secrets I’m about to pass on to you.

I also have a knack of making things super-easy to understand, as you’re about to see.

I promise you that what you’re about to learn will save you a LOT of painful losses in both time and money.

If there’s a stock trading to mistake to be made out there… I’ve made it…

… and learned from it!

Please let me share my private “education” with you.

I know from when I was a stock trading beginner that it’s an information jungle out there with predators at every turn, so I created this safe, free, and fast “one-stop shop” where a total, zero-knowledge beginner can discover everything they need to start profiting from stocks TODAY.

So, let’s begin, shall we?

Now, I could start off by giving you a grand tour of what the stock market is and how it came to exist, what a stock is and so on, but…

1. You probably know all that anyway, or…
2. Who cares?

You’re here because you want to make money

… and that’s actually the best attitude to have, so keep it up! Too many “traders” lose sight of this primary goal and overcomplicate things.

You buy a stock with the aim of it going up in value so you can later sell it for a profit. At this basic level it’s not rocket science, so don’t let anyone bamboozle you or distract you from this basic fact.

So, you already KNOW there’s money to be made from stocks…
The big question is HOW?

I know beginners can can feel a little intimidated at first…

“Little old me compared to all these super-smart bankers and brokers who studied economics or whatever for years so they could trade stocks…”



And I’ll prove it to you in the next 60 seconds when you watch this first video to boost your confidence as well as show you a neat trick (make sure your speakers are on, and if you need to enlarge the screen, click on the square icon bottom right once it begins playing. Press “esc” to return to this screen and continue reading)…

How a Total Beginner can Learn How to Beat 70% of Investment Professionals in the Next 60 Seconds:

That’s a pretty eye-opening video, isn’t it!?

FACT, based on data going right back to 1963. It’s alarming to know that 70% of the people you entrust your money to- the big banks and retirement funds- can be beaten with a single trade, isn’t it? The reason?

Sometimes it’s sheer incompetence.

Most of the time it’s because the big banks need to make money from you. This means they need to look busy and try to “beat the market” (and evidently fail in 70% of cases). In that video I explain what “beating the market” means.

The big banks can’t exist if you invest your own money, and they account for a vast chunk of tax revenues, not to mention their lobbying (a.k.a. bribing) of politicians.

Needless to say, powerful players have a lot to lose by you becoming wise to the truth, so they scare you away with a lot of lingo so that you “leave it to the experts.”

Don’t be scared away from trading yourself. It’s simple, and I will show you how shortly.

Now that we’ve taken the “experts” down from the pedestal, let’s look at another group of people you might meet; a group of people who also claim to be “experts” by giving you stock tips…

The 7 Sales Tricks of Lousy Stock Tippers

(I still cringe watching that video above even though I made it. The hype and misinformation that the public is exposed to is as terrifying as it is alarming!)

You should be careful of stock tipsters and newsletters because, like most banks and brokers, most of them also invariably get it wrong and disguise their awful track record with smoke and mirrors, as you saw in that free video.

So, if all these “experts” get it wrong most of the time, how can you or I possibly expect to get it right and actually make consistent money from the stock market?

For starters, my trades are now proven for over 10 years to be profitable, but we’ll come on to that shortly.

The truth behind why most experts get it wrong most of the time is this simple fact…

… Because they’re flying blind.

I’m a former 737 airline captain (British Midland, in case you’re interested), and here are a couple of things from my airline training that I applied to stock trading:

1. Always follow a checklist; a clear set of rules to follow. And do NOT deviate from it.
2. When you are unable to see clearly, use your instruments.

Here’s how those two things fit into stock trading for beginners…

Approaching stock trading in a haphazard way and with a gambler mentality will melt your bank balance faster than a chocolate coffee mug.

I guarantee it.

I know it can be a rush- like playing the lottery- but we are playing a more sophisticated game. In fact…

we are ONLY going to play games where we have the highest chance of WINNING.

Sorry, I hate to be a party-pooper, but I don’t want you to feel a “rush…”

Follow rules, not rushes!

So, we strictly follow checklists and rules that have been specially developed to keep us safe as well as profitable.

The name of the game is to minimize losses and maximize gains (yes, you will “win some, lose some” and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying!).

Next, using your “instruments…”

Nobody knows for sure what will happen to any given stock price.

Let me say that again…

NOBODY KNOWS for sure what will happen to any given stock price.

If you hear anybody telling you that they 100% KNOW what will happen to a stock, I recommend you do this immediately:


It’s not about making predictions…

It’s about finding scenarios where we can say, “If I’m wrong, I lose a dollar. If I’m right, I make $5.”

And you should be happy about playing that game all day long!

Think about it. It’s like tossing a coin and saying, “Heads I win $5, tails I lose $1.” Oh, and by the way, this coin is a trick coin that’s heavily weighted to land on heads!

Any sane person would take that bet.

You’ll discover how to do this shortly.

Okay. Back to “flying blind…”

So, if we are unable to see clearly, we use our “instruments.” And when you accept the fact that nobody knows for sure what will happen to any given stock price, you must accept that we cannot “see clearly.”

So, what are our instruments in the context of stock trading?

You’ll find out in this next video where I take you from “zero to hero” in just 30 minutes (it’s nothing like as hard as flying a plane, don’t worry!)

You won’t believe how much you will know after watching this. You will come out the other side with a skill most “experts” either won’t or don’t have.

So, maybe grab a coffee and settle down, taking your time with the pause button as you go…

Zero to Hero- Learn to Trade (Part One) in Just 30 Minutes:

The closest a person can come to 100% knowing what a stock will do next is by being a company insider.

Insiders are people with privileged knowledge about a publicly traded company, and if they are caught acting on that knowledge they will go to jail.

Does that stop them?


Can you or I get access to the same information as them?

Not legally and not directly…

BUT insiders do leave a kind of paper trail of their actions, and I will show you how to follow it, 100% legally.

Anyone can trade profitably if they know what to look for in a simple stock chart that you can get set up with in just a few minutes by watching this next video.

Zero to Hero- Learn to Trade (Part Two) in Under an Hour:

The most critical part of this video has nothing to do with stocks and charts but rather YOU.

Specifically, your mentality.

And I’m not talking about some rah-rah positive thinking method (no amount of positive thinking makes a stock go up); I’m talking about the methodology you need to absorb in this video.

I promise you this…

No amount of good stock picks will make you money if you don’t approach this with an unemotional, systematic, and disciplined attitude!

I know that sounds strange, but hopefully that video clearly demonstrated the point.

Here’s another classic beginner (or even advanced for that matter!) mistake…

It’s not a job.

You don’t need to trade every day. It’s much better to wait for the choicest opportunities that have the best chances of making a profit.

But many people think they have to trade every day because they “need” to make such and such amount each week/month.

Please understand…

The stock market doesn’t give a damn about how much money you “need” in any given time frame!

Good trading opportunities are a bit like buses; you wait and wait for one and then three come all at once. So the impatient trader who has this job/salary mentality will suffer.

Of course, stock trading can make fast money (one of our systems can make 1-200% overnight!), but the wrong mindset will make a person lose money even if they had the best trading system in the world!

How so?

Because, as I hope you saw in that previous video, they will refuse to let winners run and to cut losers early.

So, it’s important that I teach you the correct mindset, as in the second part of the Learn to Trade video (you’ll need to watch those two videos for the remaining videos to make sense).

Okay, pep-talk over.

Let’s trade…!

Actually, hold that thought for a second. Back up. Let me rephrase.

Let’s paper-trade…!

“What’s paper-trading?” I hear you cry. Some kind of commodity trade? Lumber…?


By paper-trading I mean to trade with pretend money. You don’t use real money; you simply act as if you are.

A few notes on paper-trading, though:

1. Be honest. You can’t cheat! Look at your charts the way I’ve shown you and make a BUY decision when appropriate.

2. Keep a journal. Write down the exact price you entered the trade at, what your stop-loss was (if you have no clue what I’m speaking about then go back and watch the videos, you naughty person), and then what your sell price was. Note the profit or loss.

3. Repeat. Get at least ten trades done like this. IMPORTANT: you must have used the same system/rules in each of these ten trades.

4. If things aren’t going as well as expected take a look back and see what your mistakes were. The main thing is that you’re sticking to the rules.

5. Only, and I repeat ONLY, when your paper trades overall are profitable (you now know that you don’t and won’t win every time) do you graduate and use real money.

6. When first using real money, don’t plunge. Position sizing was covered in the Learn to Trade videos, but the next stage is to trade with an amount that hurts only a little if you lose. The disadvantage of paper-trading is that your emotions are not in the game! And emotions will cost you. The second some real money is on the table is when you’ll feel emotions creep in. Learn to suppress them.

Now you’ll see how to set things up like the pictures I showed you in the previous “Learn to Trade” video…

How to Set Up Your Computer Screen for Trading:

Nobody in the financial world will ever pull the wool over your eyes again, whether they be a banker, a broker, a tipster, a “guru,” or a reporter…

… You’ll soon be reading “expert” articles in the financial press and laughing about how wrong they are or how late they were in their predictions…

…You’ll be able to quickly tell how good a tipster’s stock picks are (most of them are rubbish!)…

In short, you’ll no longer be a sucker.

Whether you’re looking to make a living from stock trading or you’re managing your own retirement fund, what you learn here is the difference between luxury and losses.

Now, let’s apply your newly acquired knowledge by looking at another neat trick. If you ever read or hear about a “hot” stock, you can quickly use this to run a “nonsense check”:

How to Check the Health of Any Stock in 60 Seconds:

As the famous trader Jesse Livermore said…

“There is nothing new on Wall Street because speculation is as old as the hills.”

I don’t care what’s “cool.”

I only care about what’s going UP, whether it be stocks, currencies, commodities, or cats and dogs…

PROFIT is all that matters.

Don’t be dazzled and seduced by the latest cool or shiny thing.

So, we are not married to any particular market to trade, we won’t get sucked into what’s “trendy.”

Stocks in a bear market and all heading south?

Don’t care.

Currencies, commodities, bonds, something will be going UP, it’s all the same and uses the same systems I teach you. By the way, you can also make money from things going DOWN…

On the subject of currencies and commodities, in case they sound intimidating, check out this next free sixty-second video. You see, now that you know how to “fly by instruments” you can trade anything!

That’s right.

Stocks, currencies, commodities, bonds, they all have the same patterns on a chart. And it’s especially easy and safe when you trade them through something called an ETF, which I’ll explain on this next video.

There now…

You emerge from this with more that you bargained for; not only can you trade stocks, but you can also trade all financial markets.

Actually, currencies and especially commodities have even more reliable patterns than stocks because they’re influenced purely by supply and demand or news factors…

The Safest and Simplest Way for Beginners to Trade Currencies and Commodities:

Whether it be stocks, currencies, bonds, or commodities, I hope you can now see that it’s more about the WHEN than the WHAT.

That’s to say, knowing WHAT to buy is, as you will learn, the EASY part…

The real trick is knowing WHEN to get in on it for maximum profit whilst also guarding against potentially large losses.
Now, when it comes to the WHEN there’s an important point I want to make you aware of.

This is something that even the most seasoned traders often overlook.

Circling back to the first video we started with…

One reason why you can easily beat 70% of the pros is because they either can’t or won’t see the bigger picture of what the overall market is doing, as in the Dow Jones or the S+P 500 index.

“Can’t” because they’re either incompetent or their models are flawed.

“Won’t” because they have to always be fully invested in something or they would need to send your money back!

Even those insiders often don’t see the bigger trend of the market – bull or bear- and if you don’t know what kind of market you’re in, the odds are against you because you’re flying blind.

You see…

A bull market makes the chances of stocks going up higher. A bear market makes the chances of stocks going down higher.

Even the greatest trade set up in the world can be sunk if the overall market isn’t aligned with it.

It’s about timing the market.

Now, the “experts” will tell you that you can’t time the market. Ummm, these are the same “experts” who, in most cases, can’t even do any better than the overall market!

Let’s ignore them, shall we?

And yet, my One Trade Retirement System (details follow in a second) is now proven for over 40 years to time the market perfectly by enjoying all the lucrative bull markets and avoiding all those nasty bear markets.

This system sounded the alarm about the 2008 financial crisis in December 2007! Think how much pain this could have saved you!

It’s like playing Snakes and Ladders only without the snakes! 

So, my One Trade is a powerful investing system as well as a reliable way to time the market and know if we’re in or about to be in a bull or bear market, which supports your individual stock trades by being aligned with the overall market trend.

This brings up an important clarification that needs making:

What’s the difference between investing and trading?

The answer is a subjective and a somewhat debated one, but in a nutshell:

Investing is long term. Trading is short term.

Based on my One Trade system, investing has around a 6 month timeline as a minimum, whereas trading can be anything from minutes to usually under 6 months.

Which brings me onto trading systems…

Please understand something:

There are no bad trading systems or good trading systems. There are only systems that make money and systems that lose money.

It’s that simple.

There is no debate on what works or doesn’t work, there is only results.

And yet, all you see on forums and social media on the subject of trading is people arguing about what system works and what doesn’t!

Results, results, results!

And consistent results at that!

My signature “B40” trading system (details follow in a second) has a ten year track record that the mightiest names in this business would envy: 82% winners with an average loss of just 3% for the 18% of times there are losers.

Here’s why it works so well…

In soccer, there is a phrase you probably know: “goal-hanging.”

We scornfully call a soccer player a goal-hanger when he simply waits around as close to the goal as possible and then taps the ball into the net when it comes to him. He didn’t work for that goal, it just fell in his lap.

Goal-hanging is smart!

This is my approach to trading.

Translated into stocks, this means defying the conventional wisdom of “buy low, sell high.”


The most losses in trading are from people trying to buy at the bottom and sell at the top!

Listen, nobody knows where the bottom is.

Percentage-wise, a stock can go down further than you can imagine.

The safer and faster way to profits is to “buy high, sell higher” because that stock is already going UP.

That’s what I call “stock market goal-hanging.”

Goal-hangers don’t care what they’re called. They get paid lots of money for all those goals they score.

As previously mentioned, though, the trick is knowing WHEN to get in…

The remaining videos give you the proprietary systems I have perfected over the years and that I actually use myself, including my One Trade Retirement System just explained. You’ll see that all my systems are very valuable, and are all included when you upgrade to Premium Membership for just 26 cents a day (details follow). If you’re serious about making money from trading I know you’ll greatly benefit from this live element plus support and my perfected trading systems which are separate to the basics shown to you in the Learn to Trade course. You can upgrade to Premium by entering your details at the end.

Of course, it’s up to you which stock trading system you use, I’m simply offering mine to you (which I know from long experience is very profitable).

When choosing a stock trading system to use, just make sure of these two things:

1. The system actually works!

2. If it works, make sure you follow the rules of that system without deviation.

When you’re ready to trade, all you need is a broker, and there are plenty out there to choose from (I legally can’t recommend one in particular). Just be sure to:

1. Use a broker in the same country you live in, with a physical office and with an actual phone number you can speak to someone about your account.

2. Check the dealing fees are competitive.

3. Check if they offer interest on any cash in your account when it’s not being used for trading.

4. Check that their trading platform is easy for you to use. Many offer a demo account (which can also be used for paper-trading).

5. Check they offer all the products that you want to trade.

Let me make a couple more important points before we wrap up your training…

Don’t invest or trade purely for tax reasons.

Tax is a secondary concern, profit is primary. There’s no point in buying something to save 10% if it loses 30%! And now you know how to avoid disasters like that.

And second… Keep the money in the pot and let it compound.

As your trading bank grows, increase the amount you trade with so that your profit keeps rising. To demonstrate the awesome power of compounding, if you took a thousand dollars and doubled it ten times, how many steps is that to a MILLION dollars?

Let’s see…

1. 2,000
2. 4,000
3. 8,000
4. 16,000
5. 32,000
6. 64,000
7. 128,000
8. 256,000
9. 512,000

Hopefully that gets you excited…!

Details on Premium membership below!

Stock trading is considered a huge subject, but it doesn’t need to be. What you’ve learned here is really all you need.


… It’s a bit like passing your driving test; you get a license and then you actually learn to drive as you experience it in the real world!

So, now you have a “license,” go forth and be a beginner no more. As you’ve now seen, you’re easily in the top percentile of traders, including the pros!

I trust you’ve learned all you hoped for and then some. Thanks for reading, watching and, I hope, for sharing…

… Actually, setting up a trading group with a few friends or family is a great way to learn. You can help keep each other on the right track by following rules and keeping each other’s emotions in check. Share this with them.

If you have any questions, please email me at and I’ll be more than happy to answer them.

Please do share your success stories with me, it’s part of what keeps me going.

I’ll speak to you soon, and happy stock trading!

James Sheridan.

P.S. If you’d prefer to simply have me tell you what stocks to buy and when to sell them, click here to apply for my stock recommendation service (places limited), which also includes all the benefits of Premium Membership.

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