Disclaimer: I’m legally obliged to advise you to speak to a medical professional before consuming any of the recipes or applying any advice that follows, to ensure you will have no adverse effects.

The Limey Smoothie, other recipes, and bonus content

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Dear reader,

I begin each day with a well researched cocktail that I’ve perfected over time and has appeared to keep me in good condition; at the last full medical my doctor gave me a clean bill of health at 50 years old (after the receptionist asked me to fill in the part on the form where it listed medical prescriptions, and I explained that I already had).

I realize some of the ingredients that follow may qualify as processed, but when the ingredient is specially created for natural health I accept it.

Blend, don’t juice, because we want all the good fiber and other beneficial nutrients that come with the juice. Invest in a good quality, commercial-grade blender; it’s about to become your best friend as you dutifully fill it with the following every morning (don’t worry, when it becomes a routine, you’ll be preparing it in your sleep):

2 cups of organic, cold-pressed aloe vera juice

1/2 cup almond milk

2 tablespoons of purest grade flaxseed or fish oil

6 apricot kernels

Quarter of an organic lime (rind on)

Handful of chopped organic beetroot

Handful of chopped organic carrot

Handful of organic blueberries, raspberries, strawberries (frozen)

3 Teaspoons of freshly chopped turmeric root

4 whole cloves of organic garlic

2 heaped teaspoons psyllium husk or oat bran fiber (for fiber)

1 scoop of organic pea-protein meal powder

1 scoop of Green Vibrance powder (cancer-fighting grasses and probiotics)

1 teaspoon of type 2, unhydrolyzed, chicken collagen powder (for joint health)


The Limey Blaster

I recently overheard a young woman say to her friend, “I thought I was coming down with something, and I had some unused antibiotics so I took those in case I got sick.” Not only was she denying her immune system and future generations’ immune systems the benefit of strengthening, but she was also needlessly exposing herself to potentially harmful side effects. Antibiotics should be used as an absolute last resort, when our immune systems are unequivocally losing the fight to bacteria, not viruses. But the one part she did get right was to attempt to hit the virus as early as possible, while it was still weak. No immune system is invincible to a germ it doesn’t recognize, but we can reduce symptoms and recovery times, sometimes to a degree where we barely notice our immune systems have been activated. As soon as you recognize the slightest symptom, or even when you don’t, perhaps when you know of something going around, I have found the following immunity blast to be very effective:

First, take 3-4 capsules of highest grade colostrum supplement. Next, make this cocktail:

1 cup of organic, cold pressed aloe vera juice

1 teaspoon of raw, unfiltered, unheated honey

6 drops of oregano oil

1 teaspoon of elderberry tincture

1 teaspoon of Echinacea tincture

1 teaspoon of silver solution

1 tablespoon of fish oil

1 organic lime, squeezed

½ teaspoon of modified citrus pectin

Mix it thoroughly, and drink. The oregano oil will burn your throat, and the honey will make it stick to it; we are naturally napalming the virus at ground zero. Let it burn, and do not wash it down with water. However uncomfortable you feel, it pales in comparison to the symptoms you’ve avoiding, and it’s only for less than a minute. Continue with this and The Limey Smoothie until symptoms subside and/or what’s going around ceases.

I can’t stress highly enough to do this at the earliest signs; typically the glands under your jawbone feeling inflamed and/or dry throat, perhaps with slight pain when swallowing, and/or chills. Keep a fighting spirit, and actually visualize your white blood cells attacking the enemy, thus benefiting from The Placebo Effect.

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