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Dear reader,

Below is a listing of which Genetype is identified with which ancient Greek deity, as explained in Part Three of The You Code.

Assuming you’ve identified your Genetype correctly (and if you haven’t it’s really rather naughty of you to even be here), you’ll find further research about your deity very interesting…

Look up the mythology surrounding the deity your Genetype identifies with, and you’ll notice a metaphorical version of your Genetypal profile playing out in story format, including the interrelationships your deity has with other deities; interrelationships we see playing out today between certain Genetypes. Maybe there’s a reason why we exclaim, “My God…!”

Genetype Greek God/Goddess
FG-1 Demeter
FG-2 Athena
FG-3 Hestia
FG-4 Aphrodite
FG-5 Artemis
FG-6 Persephone
FG-7 Hera
MG-1 Apollo
MG-2 Hades
MG-3 Poseidon
MG-4 Dionysus
MG-5 Hermes
MG-6 Ares
MG-7 Zeus

Have fun with your additional research! Now, back to The You Code; we have to address the most important matter of all: why are you here? Or what we might refer to as your “God-given” purpose. Please leave a review for The You Code by clicking here. Thank you.