I have a specific life-goal but I can’t get started on attaining it…

Well done for having a clear vision of what you want, that’s absolutely crucial. In my twenty of years of doing this, this is an all too common situation, though. There are two possible reasons why your wheels are spinning:

1) You’ve chosen a life-goal that’s not true to who you are; it doesn’t speak to your higher self. The dreams that come true are those forged in the fires of our bellies, and that fire is best ignited by understanding who you truly are, so your soul may engage with passion. One thing we all know about humans is this: if we truly want something we will go out and make it happen, for good or bad. You may simply not want this badly enough, and that’s not a poor reflection on you; it’s a poor reflection on the suitability of the goal you chose. You must get a copy of my new book, The You Code – Your New Life Map Hidden in Your Ancient Genes, which will be available for pre-order in fall 2020, available in all stores January 2021. If you’re super-hungry and want to dive in as fast as possible, you should come and meet me at one my seminars, especially my 5-Day Freedom Flight Academy, where I take you from the ground up, teaching you everything I know, and holding your hand for a year after. I help you figure out what you want and show you how to get there with definitive answers, not vague concepts that may or may not apply to you. You shall leave with wings.


2) You’re visualizing your goal without visualizing the steps it will take to get there. The trick isn’t to make mountains out of molehills, but to make molehills out of mountains. We need to break down the big goal into smaller ones and put a daily plan together. I explain how to do this is the free welcome gift.