How Soon is Too Soon to Move in?

So, how soon is too soon to move in? Well done for asking the question before rushing in because it's a lot harder to reverse that mistake, as I've seen firsthand as a relationship coach. It's much smarter to know a lot more about the guy before you move in, and some deeper knowledge may

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21 Questions for a New Relationship

21 Questions for a New Relationship 21 questions for a new relationship? Here's how to get your answers faster than you imagined, and without scaring him off... So, you’re in a new relationship. It’s exciting, as the butterflies in your belly constantly remind you. But you have questions,

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Nature versus Nurture

Nature Versus Nurture Nature versus nurture. Is it really a this versus that? Or is it case closed one or the other? There is an old saying: Leopards can’t change their spots. In other words, it’s in our nature to act a certain way, and our basic personality never changes. This isn’t

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Click Here to Save the World

Click Here to Save the World “You can disagree with behavior or a particular position, but you do not resort to calling an opponent worthless.” – Kofi Annan, Former United Nations Secretary-General.   Both as individuals and as a species, humans have never been granted so much power; the power to change their lives, and

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For Women ONLY

There are 7 types of guy. Which one of these 7 are you in a relationship with or want to be in a relationship with? A popularized line from the film, Forrest Gump, goes, “Mama always said life’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” But don’t you just read

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When Did We Stop Worshipping Women?

“Whoever severs himself from Mother Earth and her flowing sources of life goes into exile.” – Emma Goldman.   At some point in our lengthy past, we didn’t just stop worshipping women in the literal sense, but also in the philosophical sense; the principles of The Feminine were also forsaken. What happened and when?  

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The You Code

The Pandora Prescription


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