James Sheridan – An International Bestselling Author Guiding People To Their True Selves

There is a popular trend in the wellness industry where one can manifest the things they want the most in life through meditation. Some wish for a good future while others go for emotional satisfaction. Whatever these desires may be, they all hinge on the law of attraction and other concepts within the wellness industry.

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What Is My Purpose Here: Developing A Worthwhile Goal To Strive Towards

Humans are special when considering how important it is that we have a sense of purpose to strive towards. It’s up to the point where we devote time and effort just to figure out the reason why we were put onto this earth. However, most of us know how difficult it is to figure out

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James Sheridan – International Author, Speaker, and Businessman

James Sheridan, an upstanding figure and prolific award-winning copywriter, has made it his mission to spread the values and ideas needed to attain one’s goals. He has found himself writing on various topics regarding the awakening of your true self and how to energize it according to your desires. Aside from that, he believes that

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Soul Purpose Meaning: Nourishing The Soul With Dedication And Purpose

An important part of one’s self is the soul, an aspect of our consciousness that gives us purpose to continue onward with our lives. It grants our existence a meaning despite how insignificant we may seem in the grand scheme of things. Even with all this, it becomes unclear what the true purpose of an

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What Is My Purpose? An Answer To Life’s Most Perplexing Question

Sometimes, we’ll find ourselves wondering about the many complexities that make up our lives. We find ourselves amid questions whose answers may not be accessible to us at the moment. One timeless question that seems to be shared by every single one of us is simply, “What Is My Purpose In Life?” It seems inherent

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The Worth and Meaning of Work- Finding The Meaning of Purpose

In fostering a good work ethic, it’s important to understand the purpose and meaning behind one’s actions. Even if we have the perfect family, a blossoming career and even a supportive group of friends and family, feelings of emptiness and a lack of direction can appear from time to time. Psychological studies have looked into

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The secret to ticking all your happiness boxes

Many people today crave many things. See how many of these are on your wish list: Happiness Self-esteem Self-love Self-awareness Motivation Inner Peace Self-help Enlightenment Did I leave anything out? But there is something underneath the surface that, if discovered, will tick ALL the boxes on that list, and I'll explain what it is. “Just

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When Did We Stop Worshipping Women?

“Whoever severs himself from Mother Earth and her flowing sources of life goes into exile.” – Emma Goldman.   At some point in our lengthy past, we didn’t just stop worshipping women in the literal sense, but also in the philosophical sense; the principles of The Feminine were also forsaken. What happened and when?  

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The Humblest Things

The Humblest Things: James Sheridan’s Covid-19 Commentary “Consider that a single microorganism could win a decisive genetic war against humans; it simply wants to survive the same as us, and The Energy Field has evidently provided it with the weapons to do so, as The Black Death demonstrated by wiping out a third of all

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How Kindness is Powerful

Two powerful life lessons: Hurt people hurt people. Kindness is a powerful weapon. London Borough of Hammersmith, 1985. It was about to become Hell for Teachers, and I The Dark One, my minions aplenty. This strict, all-boys school had become a powder keg in the face of oppressive authority and ingrained tradition. Every morning, we

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