The secret to ticking all your happiness boxes

Many people today crave many things. See how many of these are on your wish list: Happiness Self-esteem Self-love Self-awareness Motivation Inner Peace Self-help Enlightenment Did I leave anything out? But there is something underneath the surface that, if discovered, will tick ALL the boxes on that list, and I'll explain what it is. “Just

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When did we stop worshipping women?

“Whoever severs himself from Mother Earth and her flowing sources of life goes into exile.” – Emma Goldman.   At some point in our lengthy past, we didn’t just stop worshipping women in the literal sense, but also in the philosophical sense; the principles of The Feminine were also forsaken. What happened and when?  

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The Humblest Things

The Humblest Things: James Sheridan’s Covid-19 Commentary “Consider that a single microorganism could win a decisive genetic war against humans; it simply wants to survive the same as us, and The Energy Field has evidently provided it with the weapons to do so, as The Black Death demonstrated by wiping out a third of all

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How to Weaponize Kindness

Two powerful life lessons: Hurt people hurt people. Kindness is a powerful weapon. London Borough of Hammersmith, 1985. It was about to become Hell for Teachers, and I The Dark One, my minions aplenty. This strict, all-boys school had become a powder keg in the face of oppressive authority and ingrained tradition. Every morning, we

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James Sheridan


The You Code

The Pandora Prescription


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