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What is the True Self?

What is the True Self? If you want to hear hundreds of different answers for just one question, ask, “What is the true self?” We also attempt to answer this question with endless personality tests and quizzes. But there’s only one answer to

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Quarter Life Crisis

The Quarter Life Crisis It’s good to see a growing awareness about something that’s been previously dismissed or overlooked: the quarter life crisis. And credit to you for checking up on this because the anxiety that’s associated with it is not undue- the personal and professional

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Are your batteries charged?

On any given day, how much energy do you waste fighting battles you can’t win and/or are pointless? It’s all about energy... You know that little battery charge icon on your phone? Imagine you have one inside you that indicates your consciousness percentage level. When it gets to 0% you lose consciousness; you become irritable,

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How Soon is Too Soon to Move in?

So, how soon is too soon to move in? Well done for asking the question before rushing in because it's a lot harder to reverse that mistake, as I've seen firsthand as a relationship coach. It's much smarter to know a lot more about the guy before you move in, and some deeper knowledge may

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21 Questions for a New Relationship

21 Questions for a New Relationship 21 questions for a new relationship? Here's how to get your answers faster than you imagined, and without scaring him off... So, you’re in a new relationship. It’s exciting, as the butterflies in your belly constantly remind you. But you have questions,

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Nature versus Nurture

Nature Versus Nurture Nature versus nurture. Is it really a this versus that? Or is it case closed one or the other? There is an old saying: Leopards can’t change their spots. In other words, it’s in our nature to act a certain way, and our basic personality never changes. This isn’t

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James Sheridan – An International Bestselling Author Guiding People To Their True Selves

There is a popular trend in the wellness industry where one can manifest the things they want the most in life through meditation. Some wish for a good future while others go for emotional satisfaction. Whatever these desires may be, they all hinge on the law of attraction and other concepts within the wellness industry.

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What Is My Purpose Here: Developing A Worthwhile Goal To Strive Towards

Humans are special when considering how important it is that we have a sense of purpose to strive towards. It’s up to the point where we devote time and effort just to figure out the reason why we were put onto this earth. However, most of us know how difficult it is to figure out

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