The B-40 Trading Recommendation Subscription
From James Sheridan. Personally.


With a track record this strong, I don’t need any hype so I’m just going to lay it all out for you here.

Also, if you’ve watched the B-40 Stock Trading System video, you should already be “sold.”

It makes MONEY overall. Regular as clockwork. Provided you follow the instructions carefully- not following instructions is the only way this would not work for you! Remember: a successful stock trading system does not mean you win every trade; it means you win more times than you lose and that overall, the system makes a good profit.

This is such a system. Proven over several years.

That’s why I can offer such a guarantee- explained below.

I hope to be sending you the very best stock picks I can find as soon as you’re ready…! 

9-year track record averages:

Strike rate (percentage of time the stock pick went up in value): 82%
Average loss (in the 18% of times the stock pick went down): 3%
Average length of time the trade was open: 27 days

What you get and how it works:

As and when B-40 system stock picks or potential stock picks arise, subscribers are emailed the details of what to buy, what price to buy at, and what stop loss to set. Subscribers also receive weekly updates of how all picks are doing and action to take.

There is no limit to the number of picks you receive, and there is no set regularity to the timing of when then picks arise- we only want to trade the best opportunities and this may mean brief periods of waiting for new picks. It’s not a job, we want to make money, not lose it.

What it costs:

The cost is $1,997 (US dollars) per year (equivalent to just $5.47 a day). With a $10,000 trading account the first trade alone could pay for this.

You will automatically be charged each year for the same amount unless you wish to cancel before the end of the year’s subscription.

What guarantee you have:

If, after placing all trades picked by this service within your subscription year and placing $5,000 with each trade, you have not made at least your subscription cost as profit, you will receive another year completely free of charge. Proof required.

What you need to participate:

You will need a trading account, and some money to trade with (no minimum, depending on your account).

You will need an email address to receive picks, and it is your responsibility to ensure your email provider does not send my picks to a junk mail folder, by flagging these emails as “Not Spam/Junk”.

Stock picks are sent in the conventional format. Example: “Buy XYZ when the price hits $10. Set a stop loss at $9.50.” Or, “Sell XYZ for $20 to close trade for profit.” How you make this trade- for example, by using spread betting (UK) or options- is up to you, and you must translate the pick accordingly. For example, if spread betting, the same stock pick would be translated as: Buy XYZ when it hits 1,000 points. Set a stop loss if it hits 950 points. And the amount you bet per point would be something you calculate to ensure your potential losses are acceptable to your bank.

Who you can contact with any questions: with the subject line: “B-40 Subscriber.”

Okay, are you ready to do this?

Great, Let’s go…

“YES! I would like you to simply send me stock recommendations using the B-40 Stock Trading System shown above. Please tell me what to buy and sell by email.

I understand there is no limit to how many picks I receive. I also understand that there is no set regularity to which the choicest trades may appear. I agree to the instructions, terms and conditions of this service as well as the associated standard financial disclaimer.

My details and payment method are below. Please take payment now for the first year of service. I understand that after the first year I am under no obligation to renew the subscription.”

Price: $ 1,997.00