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The A-Type Nurture


This is a quality any* prince can have on the surface, but digging deeper by asking the magic question quickly gets past this red herring (*although I’ve only noticed A-type personalities in Princes 1, 2, 3, and 7).

I suspect this complex is the result of the stronger-willed Genetypes becoming exposed to insecurity or chaos at a young age, resulting in unconsciously compensating for it later in life by trying to control everything, everyone, and every future event in The Universe.


Sadly, many A-Types don’t know they’re one and that there are others like them, and they’ve endured a world of apparent isolation where, for all their successes, they’re constantly labeled with being over- controlling, bipolar, OCD, hyperactive, autistic, angry, you name it, when they’re merely an A-Type personality. I don’t know of any A-Type rehab clinics, but there should be.


So how do you know if he’s an A-Type, to be sure you aren’t letting this nurture blind you to finding your prince? Ticking ALL these boxes should raise the flag:


1. They don’t procrastinate for long.

2. They are extremely goal-driven with a to-do list for every occasion, with several alarms set for different things.

3. They are arrogant, attacking perceived stupidity like a shark to blood in the water. This often means they cut people off in conversation.

4. No task is impossible; it simply requires the will to complete

it. They simply don’t understand the concept of laziness.

5. They possess laser-beam focus, and this is their key secret to success. They’re also perfectionists; it’s not only about getting it done on time.

6. Failure at any task is abhorrent to them.

7. They’re worriers, trying to predict and control every possible outcome in life, brutally disappointed when the inevitable perfection doesn’t turn out as expected. Sleepless nights are common. They have plans for almost everything.

8. They find it impossible to relax. Work is always preferable. They can eat a meal standing up or pacing.

9. Once they’ve found their right career, that’s all they care about, relationships coming second place.

10. They love attention.

11. Dawdling is for losers; if you have to get somewhere, then move with purpose.

12.Tardiness is abhorrent for them, and they expect others to feel the same way.