Congratulations on joining the B40 Stock Recommendation Service!

Thanks for your trust, I will be giving you the very best stock picks I can find. And if at any given time I can’t see any, we will WAIT. We are here to make money, not trade, and that means only playing games where we have the highest chance of winning!


As and when a stock recommendation is made, you will be emailed the pick, so please ensure my emails are not going to your spam folder!

As a failsafe to the previous point, all new updates will be posted here on this page, so make a note of the web address and check in before markets open each Monday (9:30am New York time). Updates and new picks are typically posted before 9pm New York time.

How you execute the trade- stock buy, spread bet, options trade, etc.- is up to you. I will simply be stating what stock to buy and, most importantly, at what price. Example: “Buy XYZ if it gets to $10, stop loss set at $9.50.”

DO NOT ENTER THE TRADE UNLESS IT HITS THE TRIGGER PRICE AFTER THE CLOSE OF THE RESPECTIVE TRADING DAY (not during the trading day). Get a stock alert app on your phone to alert you. You must NOT enter the trade at a time of your choosing, it must be only at the entry price given.

Once a trade is open, you will see updates here on this page. When it is time to close the trade, you will be instructed by email and on this page.

You are expected to close the trade if it hits the designated stop loss. Again, set an alert on your phone for this because I will assume you have closed the trade if a stop loss is triggered, as per the initial recommendation, example explained in point 3.

If you are uncertain about any of these instructions, email me

Please note: when communicating in a one-on-one situation I cannot give personalized advice.

Thanks again, and excited for our next trade…!